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I had been going out on dates and was very interested in marriage.

But my top priorities were getting some vision rehabilitation training so that I could live more independently.

So in that vein I’ve had a think about what to bear in mind when you’re starting out on your quest to find love and come up with my top 10 tips for successful dating…

Other friends are setting up profiles for online dating sites and it seems like everyone I meet from my cousin to my hairdresser is checking out Tinder!

For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a dating app on your mobile phone where you swipe left if you don’t fancy a person and swipe right if you do, then you can chat to them if you’re a match.

Grabbing a drink or a cup of coffee, for example, are popular date ideas but two potential threats for many rosacea patients.

Alcohol (particularly red wine) and heated beverages such as coffee are reported by many patients as common rosacea triggers.

How do you explain unexpected redness or the fact that you have to stay away from triggers such as cold wind or red wine lest you turn red-faced?

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