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Many types of listeners have found themselves drawn to the group’s infectious energy and dynamic sound, which draws upon alluring influences including afrobeat vibes and interesting percussion lines throughout.

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I was in a band with Josh [Le Blanc]; he played trumpet, and I played bass. Then, you know, a few weeks later I was playing in a different band with Tiffany [Lamson]; she was playing drums, I was playing bass, and Nick played keyboards…We all just played in all these bands.

Seven or eight bands total that more than one of us were affiliated with.

We've learned how to maintain ourselves and not get burned out on something and learn how to refresh our lives.

All these new songs have been very refreshing to us in the past few weeks we've been rehearsing them, and now they're coming to life in a different way.

The band's origins date to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which displaced Lamson and Guarisco from their New Orleans apartment and school, leading them to return to Lafayette with little to do.

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