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He was surfing the Web on one of the big-screen computers, checking out the latest football scores. He regarded me with utter disdain, sneering through his rotten Wailing-Wall teeth, and asked what I wanted to do on the computer. Fine, they mispronounce the home state of one of their callers -- it’s “Ill-i-noy”, not “-noise”. But when they Googled Ben’s alter ego, Dean Moriarty, and only came up with Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis, and not Kerouac’s character, their poor research skills was Ill-a-noying in my ears.4. How can I complain about constant confirmations a couple of weeks ago when it was all about my birthday? Use semaphore and smoke signals, just gimme my swag. I did part with the nude below because someone offered to buy it. They can lend me their CD and I'll give it a listen. Oh, they want to put on a show on right here, at the dinner table? Although I also like Tu Bishvat ‘cause it’s fun to say Tu Bishvat.

I sat at one of the laptops next to him, and he muttered, "You thinking of getting a new computer? I explained that mostly, I do a lot of writing, and web surfing, but my last laptop was too heavy and slow. "Well, I don't know how to narrow it down, if all you want is a portable typewriter with internet access."The derision was too much to take. "You guys really don't wanna sell me a computer."I left and got much better treatment at the Mac store. Adelphia had a gift certificate for $50, which we kept meaning to use, but rarely went to Westwood. Listening to fan feedback while exercising, I could try to call myself an athletic, intellectual enthusiast, but let’s face it -- I’ve become a total “Lost” geek. He wanted to make sure I was still available for him to take me out to eat and give me a gift. And I was happy to reciprocate the generosity for his birthday last weekend. Mom would've been proud to know she was a paid artist, albeit posthumously. If I inherited any of her artistic skills, it isn't apparent in the cartoon below (click to enlarge, or click here). Now, excuse me, enough with this blogging; I gotta try to do something productive with my time already. It's something I need to develop better, because all the talent and hard work won't mean a thing if it doesn't reach people. I’ve attended Seders with different members of my family, friends’ families, and even strangers who’ve taken me in, like when I was living in London.

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This may be why I don't have any friends, because I talk to myself on Twitter.

I think having a daughter really prepared me in a different way to play the father of three daughters because I don’t think that I would be able to bring the depth that I brought to the character without having my daughter come into this world.

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