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Status: In March 2010, a California jury sentenced the San Antonio, Texas, native to death for a third time. (Joe) Ball Alias: The Alligator Man, the Butcher of Elmendorf, Bluebeard of South Texas Victims: Ball reportedly killed two women, but there very well could have been as many as 20 in the time between 1936 to Sept. Status: When two Bexar County Sheriff's deputies attempted to question him, Ball shot himself through the heart. more Name: Kimberly Clark Saenz Alias: Kimberly Clark Fowler Crime: Killed five patients at a dialysis center by injecting them with bleach into their dialysis lines in 2008.

They gave new lawyers practical information about how courts really work so they had a real chance to keep their clients out of jail.

Since Ray started Execution Watch in 2008, Jim was the chief legal advisor.

A visit to these history museums and historical sites will allow you to soak up some local history and culture while you are there.

Visit a Texas historical museum will give you some insight into the way early Texas people lived. The museum is housed inside the historical 1905 St.

Visitors will learn about the extensive role, trees play in our past, present and future. The Armstrong County Museum focuses on the heritage and culture of Armstrong County and thee Texas Panhandle.

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