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Only a quarter of teens who are dating (8% of all teens) have met someone they have dated online.

While this may sound alarming, the social media venues that these teens use to connect with people are usually through friends of friends.

At least that’s what teens said in a recent story about online romance in the student newspaper at my daughters’ suburban Maryland high school.

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It might seem like every teenager spends 90% of the day on their phone at this point.

But, the research indicates that most teens are meeting romantic partners in real life and establishing relationships with people who they have met and spent time with in person.

The Pew Research Center conducted a series of focus groups with teenagers between April 2014 and March 2015 to find out.

The focus groups provided researchers a glimpse of how teens use technology in dating.

It’s no surprise to learn that 81 percent of teens use social media, according to data from The Pew Research Center.

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