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Ted routinely advises insurers in connection with cyber insurance and other media and technology risks.

He has counseled insurers on many complex claims involving first-party and third-party data security and privacy exposures, many of which involved cyber-related coverage disputes.

He added: 'There's nothing like going out with somebody who doesn't even care what you're doing, let alone have anything to say about it.

He was protective towards his family, in particular his younger sister Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), so when she started dating a local named Pete Beale (Peter Dean) c.1965, Ted initially took a dislike to him.

Pete seemingly won Ted's blessing and for a while Ted worked with Pete on his market stall.

WCW ultimately ran into financial difficulties as a result of the amount of money they had promised wrestlers during a hiring binge in the early and middle part of the decade, which had been aimed at acquiring large portions of the WWF's talent roster.

Despite efforts to salvage the federation, it was ultimately sold to Vince Mc Mahon, ending the Monday Night Wars.

Without him, we wouldn’t have an all-cartoon channel or an all-movie channel — maybe not even cable television itself, with all its glorious target programming, its 24-hour sports, passionate punditry and unreal reality.

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