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Elliott’s symptoms started to impact her day-to-day life to the point where sitting in a chair felt extremely uncomfortable.

Sex with her boyfriend also became terribly painful and even caused disputes in her relationship, she said.

Sometimes even leading the X-men, Storm lead the "Gold" team in the 90's and Kitty leads... There's even an entirely female team in the books right now, the book is called quite simply: "X-Men."Throughout the decades of clothing and hairstyles (Storm's mohawk and Pixie's...

“It was probably one of the reasons why that relationship didn't continue.

To be in your late twenties, early thirties and say to your partner, ‘I'm sorry we can't ever have sex-- ever again, it’s just too painful,’ there's a lot of distrust that develops," Elliott said.

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The often-leader, she has the amazing powers of flight, weather manipulation with lightning, ecological empathy, and energy perception.

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