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I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult, but I can't seem to find any solution that works for me. Modified lines from the above Exec Start=/usr/sbin/openvpn --daemon ovpn-%i --status /run/openvpn/%i.status 10 --cd /etc/openvpn --management localhost 5559 --management-query-passwords --management-forget-disconnect --config /etc/openvpn/%Exec Start Post=/usr/bin/expect /lib/systemd/system/openvpn_#!

Section: Maintenance Commands (8)Index openvpn - secure IP tunnel daemon. ] Open VPN is an open source VPN daemon by James Yonan.

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How can you tell if Open VPN connected to the server properly?

If Open VPN is not connected to the server Open VPN Connects, but you can't surf the Internet A connection is established, but drops out or is restarted after a few minutes, or DNS stops working after a few minutes An error messages says to see details in the Console Log An error message says "write to TUN/TAP : Input/output error (code=5)" An error message says "Tunnelblick could not be launched because of a problem with the configuration.

HTH, JJK Hello You can use sysdig[1] to really check if the file is updating or not.

Install it with the curl script on the Open VPN server ``` curl -s | sudo bash ``` Quickly record some eveets with ``sysdig -w /tmp/openvpn-status-log.scap`` This will record system call events to that file that we can analyze later.

The Fedora tutorials go through the steps of creating symbolic links, but don't create any of the .service files in the walk-throughs. See system logs and 'systemctl status [email protected]' for details.

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