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Events include: paper-shredding events, fraud education programs – popularly referred to as “scam …

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While it’s true that health care costs are continuing to rise, the AHCA would have actually increased prices further, while providing less coverage and giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to pharmaceutical and insurance companies. The Super Saver award is bestowed upon a select number of elected leaders across the nation – regardless of party affiliation — who have fought to make it possible for more Americans to save for their future. — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 16, 2017 CONTACT: AARP Media Relations, 202-434-2560, [email protected], @AARP Media Washington, DC – A new AARP survey shows that an overwhelming percentage (84 percent) of American private sector workers “strongly or somewhat agree” that officials should back legislation to enable workers “to save their own money for retirement.” The survey of nearly 4,000 workers aged 18 to 64 included a significant oversampling of African Americans, Latinos/as and Asian Americans. — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Hilda Marella Delgado Monday, March 6, 2017 (626) 429-7072, [email protected], Calif.– After the U. House of Representatives recently fast-tracked a measure that aims to prevent states from creating their own workplace savings programs, AARP and State Treasurer John Chiang today held a press conference urging the U. Senate to defeat the legislation and thereby protect the ability of millions of California workers to save for a secure retirement through the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings …

— To celebrate new funding for the Los Angeles County public transit system and to encourage people to use it, AARP in Los Angeles is providing free, specially designed Metro TAP fare cards with a $1.75 credit to pay for the first ride.

The bodies of the victims were found in the charred debris of the 10,000 square foot artists' enclave.

Walrath, who was originally from Pittsburgh, spent a year working as a judicial law clerk for the federal district court in San Francisco, and recently was hired as an attorney with the San Francisco law firm Durie Tangri.

Filmmaker George Lucas, who was born in Modesto, graduated from Thomas Downey High School in 1962 and attended Modesto Junior College, immortalized the city in his award-winning 1973 film American Graffiti.

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