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Associate Professor Bradby said they found the carbon material took on not a cubic structure like most diamonds, but a hexagonal one."There was a little bump on one side of our data and we started to get very interested in this little deviation."We found the deviation related to a different structure of the material."But Associate Professor Bradby said she did not expect to see hexagonal diamonds on engagement rings any time soon."You'll more likely find it on a mining site — but I still think that diamonds are a scientist's best friend," she said.This one-of-a-kind event explores the science of attraction through a range of enticing sensory adventures.

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Speed dating 2016 diamond

Sensory Speed Dating debuted in 2013, and has since been held at a raft of music festivals in the UK and the US, as well as venues in London and New York – including the Book Club, the House of Yes and Littlefield.

Adventurous participants are given the opportunity to smell, hear, taste, touch, see and move their way to a greater understanding of the subconscious processes that drive our behavior and desires.

The result was a breakthrough in creating hexagonal diamonds in a controlled setting, as opposed to the traditional cubic structure."There is a natural way to create [this kind of] diamond, which is harder than diamond diamond, and that is through meteorite impact," Associate Professor Jodie Bradby said.

Dubbed 'Lonsdaleite', the unique diamond is named after pioneering British crystallographer Dame Kathleen Lonsdale.

Guests discover what the smell of sweat tells us about a prospective partner, how eating raw kale and apricots transforms our capacity for flirtation, and why long vocal chords are sexy.

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