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Customers are also encouraged to use the latest versions of internet browsers available, which may provide advanced security features such as anti-phishing and forged website identification.

If such features are available, customers are advised to turn them on.

We have detected a phishing site attempting to obtain customer’s credit card details.

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Outlook has a few options that pertain to how network security is negotiated with an Exchange server.

Incorrectly setting one of those options can cause the connection to fail.

I am getting The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request error while running the following code. My xml file contains tag for the username,password and domain and when i am trying to connect is manually i am able to connect it,but using same credentials when i am trying to connect it through this code, i am getting 400 Bad Request error. Thanks ` I doubt it'd make any difference but you could try removing the trailing space from the URL and using "POST" block-caps (or there must be a constant for this? Does your ASPX definitely accept POSTs of XML text, though? Not always, but usually, that is the right thing to do..

You could also try catching the two requests, manually and through the app, in Fiddler to look for differences.

This problem can even persist in spite of repeated connection attempts over different network media, across reboots and even reinstallations of Microsoft Outlook.

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