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That was like getting a divorce for me when that show ended, like losing my family, because we were together all the time for seven years. Roselyn (Sanchez) got married, I had a baby, I watched Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s daughters grow up …

one of them was a newborn when we started, and she was 7 when we were done.

For the role she has been learning to speak in Rowling's accent and will wear blue contact lenses.

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After immigrating to the Los Angeles and appeared next in several small television roles including NYPD Blue.

She won her role, which raised her to fame after she got the chance to act as Marilyn Monroe in the CBS series Blonde. Rowling in the movie Magic Beyond Words and began starring as Carrie Wells on the police drama Unforgettable on 2011.

She was born to mother Nicole and father Phil Donahue on 15th of June, 1972.

She is also known for her appearance as Samantha Spade in the CBS mystery drama entitled Without a Trace.

Poppy Montgomery is an actress of Australian- American nationality probably known best for the portrayal of the role of Detective Carrie Wells in the CBS drama Unforgettable.

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