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The winter air is refreshing at first, but then I cannot stop shivering and I don’t want to move. The red marks are everlasting mementos of our masters’ cruelty.I used to dream of mutiny, revolting against the people who kept us aboard. My life had gone right and I’d long since forgotten of these scaring memories.The virtual world is totally different than the real world, you can ask and demand things you wouldn't even consider demanding in reality, that's the best part of virtual sex.

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I’ve become so accustomed to tears constantly wetting my face that it would feel odd not to cry. Maybe that is why I continue to cry- stopping would break the cycle and I would have no daily ritual to follow. When they feel the need to be entertained, the secret is divulged.

They force us onto the deck, group by group, to dance. Our hope and dignity disappears behind the crack of a whip.

You don't even have to get out of your house, with new technology you can, almost effortlessly, find a perfect babe to chat with.

Sex chat for free is a great way to overcome some anxiety problems if you have any.

These are all amateur babes ready to show you their wet juicy cunts and rub it in front of their web cameras.

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