Sirius radio keeps updating

This was one of the earlier problems with the mygig. I found above info in the manual and mentioned that serial # to Sirius when I called. So today I sat in the Jeep with my i Pad and logged into my account on

Youll need to go to your nearest dealer and upload the new disc. 2.06 and newer are available at your local dealership. S What I found in one little piece of owners manual was this. Well brought home my new to me 2006 SRT8 and tried to activate the Sirius. The radio needs to be on and on channel 184 when the activation signal is being sent.

Mine went back to saying I was unsubscribed this morning , I called and tried to send a refresh, but it didn't get there before I arrived at work.

I wonder why my Honda CRV never updates like my soul does?

While it was doing this, I was still able to listen to the channel I had it originally tuned to.

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