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Though you access Direct by tapping on an inbox icon inside of Instagram, the service doesn't recreate a traditional inbox.

Rather than allowing back-and-forth conversations through photos, Instagram Direct allows you to send a single photo or video and then chat about it.

With this feature, users can add photos or live videos that only last for 24-hours before vanishing.

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Accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

Trademark violations may involve using a company or business name, logo or other trademark-protected materials in a manner that may mislead or confuse others with regard to its brand or business affiliation. Using another's trademark in a way that has nothing to do with the product or service for which the trademark was granted is not a violation of Instagram's trademark policy.

Instagram will notify the appropriate user to read the comment so he can, if desired, comment back and continue the chat.

For a more personal -- and private -- chat experience, you can download and install an app specifically created for Instagram instant messaging.

If you only ever message your significant other, your inbox will fill up with dozens of threads between the two of you, with no easy way to find an old one other than scrolling past every other photo that's ever been sent to you.

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