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Erm, for Karin's costume, Western Shogun put it as "Get it from Roger after beating Neams Ruins quest."Isn't that wrong?Shouldn't it be after finishing Fort of Regrets, then meeting Margaret from the Item trading quest, you get the costume from Roger?Before returning, she travels with Nicolai to Apoina Tower so he can collect an item to exorcise the demon that awaits them.

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WHen you reach the two flowers at a fork in the road - pretty simple to tell apart, since one says "you go that way! " and the other says something along the lines of, "don't trust him!

Use your best None-class Fusion - Neo Amon, and fight it out.

First, head to 'The Sea Gull'(Mottes De Mer) in Le Havre. *YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED KARIN'S ULTIMATE WEAPON ADVENTURE IN ST. " THE WHITE FLOWER LEADS YOU TO ETERNAL ROAMING AROUND THE FOREST. NEXT: Head back to Carla in Florence after Lucia says to head back to Carla.

MARGARETE FIRST The map will open a new location - 'The Black Forest' Once there, write down what the white flower instructs you to do, making sure you write down which flower is truthful; remember to write down every single flower, and the true flower as you pass.

Shows too much skin to protect well, but it sure can be distracting.

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