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The police picked us up, separated us, threatened to flog us, to possibly force us to marry. It happened that the hotelier was obviously—and illegally—drunk, and from the same town as my (then still platonic) lover and so he agreed to give us accommodations without paperwork, at some risk to his own livelihood because even with separate rooms, as a lone, single woman, I should have arrived with permission to travel from my father, stamped by the local morality police.

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Ms Taherian had left the country when she began posting the images, but she will not be able to work in Iranian cinema without her licence.

S and I arrived late to the hotel in the remote town. No, S was not my husband, my brother, my uncle; we had no such papers.

But so far, Iranian women are brave to break this discriminatory law." This is not the first time models have been punished for sharing photos without a hijab.

In October, the Iranian Government allegedly denounced the actress Sadaf Taherian as “immoral” and revoked her work license for sharing pictures of herself without her hijab on Instagram.

The hotelier looked at us, a young couple, traveling without a family in the deep of night. We tried to persuade him and he, a good citizen of the Republic, reported us immediately. Despite all the legislation, this is Iran and things rarely pan out according to the letter of the law.

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