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Using Sing Up at secondary school helps young people find their voice, cultivating independent, confident individuals.

Singing is a low-cost way to give all pupils the chance to become musicians.

Being on antidepressants, partly due to our fucked up relationship, left me kind of without a sex drive. It means I've been able to more or less exist as an honorary asexual, leaving my extremely neurotic asexual ex-girlfriend happy to have a celibate semi-relationship with me.

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As a matter of fact, several studies suggest that somewhere around 20 percent of adolescents have shared nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves by way of a mobile phone or computer.

And new technological developments are making this kind of activity easier and more enticing all the time.

“But I actually like having the lights on, because I love watching myself have sex.

But sext­ing is different, more like hearing your voice in a recording, sort of uncanny, seeing yourself from the outside.” That is, sext­ing is too performative to bear, said the man who relishes watching his naked body writhing in the mirror.

No one wants to find themselves hanging out naked in cyberspace against their will.

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