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It took about a month to make with the walk cycle alone about 1 week. One of the girls is futa :) Whilst the teaser is relatively tame, the actual title is very explicit, so as I said don't go searching if that's not what you are after! Let me know what you think of the teaser in the comments!! WARNING NSFW: I've created a release diary here for those interested: riends4ever Generally looking for VOs. I loved the texture in the hair that's what caught my attention first honestly lol the voices toward the end made me think of little tweenies and tweens with bods like that are creepy, but that aside the story and graphics are great!

The title itself is a game/ video, which took 10 months to make and is now close to completion. This work specifically features two girls on a special night out having sex, yay!!!

Just as you wouldn't ask an artist who likes small boobs to draw huge boobs, don't ask me to change my characters.

The story is meant to be tongue in cheek, not real!!

Ever want to go to a place where you can make all of your fantasies come true? You can invite your friends to come visit you, stroll around the Island in your skimpiest clothing, or drink some champagne by the beautiful waterfall.

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