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Mai 2011 Thematische Sonderausstellung „Urmutter contra Pin-Up-Girl“ zur Deutung altsteinzeitlicher Frauenstatuetten – verlängert bis .

Ausstellungsinformation: Bei aller Begeisterung für die älteste Frau der Welt, schieden sich doch auch die Geister an der Deutung dieser Figur.

Approximately twenty-five items have been discovered to date.

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This concentration of evidence of full behavioral modernity, including figurative art and instrumental music among humans in the period of 40 to 30 thousand years ago, is unique worldwide and its discoverer, archaeologist Nicholas Conard, speculates that the bearers of the Aurignacian culture in the Swabian Alb may be credited with the invention, not just of figurative art and music, but possibly, the earliest religious practices as well.

Additional artifacts excavated from the same cave layer included flint-knapping debris, worked bone, and carved ivory as well as remains of tarpans, reindeer, cave bears, woolly mammoths, and Alpine Ibexes.

This female figure is the oldest undisputed example of a depiction of a human being yet discovered.

In terms of figurative art only the lion-headed, zoomorphic Löwenmensch figurine is older.

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