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The final video, prosecutors said, depicted the defendant having oral sex with her daughter.

(AP) — A New Hampshire mother wept openly in court as prosecutors played video of an alleged sexual encounter between her and her own 14-year-old daughter as a child sexual exploitation and pornography case got under way Wednesday with graphic testimony about sex acts the girl allegedly performed while her mother videotaped them. Jury deliberations in the child exploitation trial of the Manchester lawyer could begin as early as Thursday in U. But as the day progressed, he repeatedly told the jury, “Let me show you another video.” As jurors watched recordings of various sexual encounters, the defendant averted her eyes from the laptop screen in front of her and dropped her head into one hand.

The “Zoe Post” was a lengthy journal entry detailing the relationship between Zoe Quinn and Eron Gjoni, uploaded to the internet by Gjoni after he discovered that Quinn had engaged in multiple affairs.

In this journal entry, Zoe Quinn was implicated in performing sexual favors in exchange for positive coverage of her indie video game title Depression Quest.

Joel Dommett opened up about his experience of being catfished last night (November 20), as he explained to his I'm A Celebrity campmates that yes, there is a sex tape of him online.

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