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” However, Costello then grumbles: “Kentuckians eager for work have applied at Ark Encounter, but there's a catch: Ark employees must sign a ' Statement of Faith'” in order to be hired. “Well, if they're Muslims, they certainly don't believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,” Ham states. “That doesn't bother Kentucky's new Republican governor, Matt Bevin,” Costello states while the text on the screen reads: “Our administration does not discriminate against any worthy economic development project that could have positive benefits for all Kentuckians.” “Ham is predicting up to two million visitors a year, and that would certainly answer some of Williamstown's prayers,” she concluded.“Those who do not believe in Christ are subject to everlasting punishment, but believers enjoy eternal life with God,” Ham notes. ” “If people have put their faith and trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ, they -- ,” Ham said before Costello cuts him off. The report then moves to Bob Fox, pastor of the Faith Baptist Church, who states that his congregation has “about 600 people.” “So you're a pastor and a taxpayer? However, a poster at The Right Scoop website had a different perspective: But that’s the angle CNN is obviously taking with this piece. Despite all this, it’s a good thing Matt Bevin is the governor.It features displays of animals in cages as well as exhibits, based on the group's theories on the world's existence, namely that God created everything, including dinosaurs, about 6,000 years ago.

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According to the table, the overall crime rate is 57% lower than the average of crimes committed in Kentucky. When it comes to violent crimes, Williamstown, KY shows a crime rate that is 88% lower than the Kentucky average.

The crime rate is also 93% lower than the national average.

“It’s not that different from putting yourself out on the dating scene in your hometown,” says Ryan, who met the Ukrainian Fedoruk, 30, online in 2011.

“I’m 42, I’ve been divorced three times, and I want to meet a younger woman who wants kids.

They must also believe in Genesis and Jesus Christ.

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