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The Faiers sisters had been due to give evidence at Corley's trial but were not called.

Twitter went into meltdown from viewers who said they planned to visit the area to have a look.

There are also car parks, lay-bys and woodland spots in and around Chelmsford, Basildon, Romford, Southend, Colchester, Harlow and Brentwood designated on the internet as Essex dogging sites.

We have no idea what it’s doing on the course.’ It’s thought the animal, which eats grass and tree bark, has escaped from a zoo or may have been released into the wild by a bored pet owner.

In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

” A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Sexual activity in a public place is not illegal unless it causes alarm and distress to others.” But the Superintendent of Epping Forest, Paul Thomson, who manages the beauty spot for the City of London Corporation, said: “Dogging participants must recognise that this can cause public offence and we will prosecute anyone who causes offence to other visitors.” TV watchdogs Ofcom received only five complaints about Dogging Tales.

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