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When the men arrived at the colliery they still had another hour’s commute ahead of them.

Have you ever found yourself with a completely free day? “I can fit my entire fist in my mouth” should no longer be one of your special skills. Steal your friend’s dad’s Ferrari, then you, your girlfriend and your best friend go into the city and go to museums and baseball games and then sneak onto a parade float and sing a Wayne Newton song.

He formerly served as a staff member with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

He has written the Life Guide Bible Studies Decisions, Joshua, Judges and Philippians.

If people like Cathy from sitcom Two Doors Down (BBC2) are anything to go by, it’s not surprising.

Set on a suburban Glasgow street, Cathy (played by Doon Mac Kichan) was just back from a cruise and couldn’t wait to brag to poor Beth (Arabella Weir) all about it.

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