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The expansion of the area required the establishment of a post office in 1948. However, the name was misspelled on the postal paperwork as Bacliff.

"Gator" Miller, former publisher of the Seabreeze, said that in the 1950s the Galveston Daily News bought a large parcel of land and awarded free lots to subscribers; people who canceled subscriptions lost their homesites, which were given to other subscribers.

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Bacliff, originally called Clifton-by-the-Sea, began as a seaside resort town.

Located on the western shore of Galveston Bay, Bacliff, along with San Leon and Bayview, are the largest unincorporated communities on the Galveston County mainland. Little Elementary school and Bayshore Park, created from land donated by Texas Genco.

The hurricane of 1943 caused major damage to the area and the bathhouse and pavilion were not rebuilt.

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