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But in the end, I had to quit because it was really, really starting to mess with my head. But in turns out that in the last few months, Tinder has CHANGED, guys.

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Until I was 100 per cent single and bored and had a relapse. I was on my lunch break one day when I noticed that I had a new message. I’d rather finish on my dead dog’s grave than wake up next to you.’ This is a real message that I actually received from a guy with his top off called Martyn whom I had obviously swiped yes to when I was drunk. And I’m still cringing at the fact that your bio claimed you were a ‘romantic’. READ MORE: The Disappearing Men Of Tinder I thought it was sort of weird when the first guy I’d ever gone on a date with started messaging me again out of nowhere, but I had a bit of a flirt with him, because I was super bored.

Our date had been particularly rubbish (soz, mate) and had involved me getting drunk and then dragging us to Nando’s.

It allows you to see potential partners (not much more than a picture, age and in some cases some basic information) and to decide on the spot whether you "like" this person or not, by swiping to the left or right. Don't forget that within the group of people who actually go on a date, 27 percent manages to build a long-term relationship." This being said, Tinder dates often end up in casual sex or one-night stands (almost 30 percent of the respondents, although figures for casual sex and one-night stands may overlap).

Timmermans is doing a Ph D in communication at the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven). This can be explained by the fact that both people have already "met" via Tinder, i.e. They are not complete strangers, like on a blind date.

Here, you can break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend and move out and have a new boyfriend or girlfriend within a week or two, or even days.

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