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if you feel you cannot live up to these once-off requirements, then please feel free to find another group more in keeping with your fake-profilery!

my fantasy about being blackmailed and totally ruinedwatch out this could happen to youim a sissy faggot I live in st Louis mo im in the closet no one knows i dress in femine clothes I was married when I was 20 and straight after a year I caught her cheating on me , we only had sexy 3 times I couldn't get hard with her , I was allways thinking of men, masters, tops, at home I stole her panties bras high heels lip stick, and would dress around the house, after the divorse I got the house and I started to wear panties to work everyday and shave my legs smooth , somedays i wear stockings under my work clothes and butt plugs ,my toe nails are bright pink allways ,, i hope no one catches me then on weekends I would dress up all weekend long , I then shaved my armpits and cock and balls ,, I was now smooth from the eyeballs down ,,im very scared at being blackmailed and exposed and ruined but i have many fantasys like this one.i wish i was caught and exposed as a sissy faggot cumdump by a dom black or white master or mistress online but i get embarrassed about thinking about being forced to be with a gay master .

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Well, this story has a different genesis than most of my work. When I could finally get up, I stumbled on to bed on shaky knees and fell asleep wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Give yourself a wedgie as high as it can go, then put your arms through the leg holes and make it come up to your shoulders like a shirt. no matter their answer flash them then if you have that third person get them to pull down your pants and feel you up as the driver goes away slowly.

Walk around with nothing on except your underwear, and you've gotta keep your arms through the holes. The dare is to go into the bathroom, take off your clothes so you're topless, find some make-up and draw a smiley face using your nipples as eyes, your belly button as your nose and draw a mouth below your waist. Find a day or weekend or something when your parents won't be home, so you'll have time to yourself.

wouldn't you like to know that anyone you meet through our group is who they say they are?

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