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Pay Pal, the online payments service, has apologised to customers of a Scottish coffee shop with a taste for Cuban roast after reporting them to the US authorities and accusing them of violating the long-standing trade embargo Pay Pal has launched a new peer-to-peer payment service, letting people send or collect money with just a link.

The service is intended to help friends and family send money more easily, in a way that is more akin to instant messaging than bank transfers.

The Optiflex Eye, Face & Body Shower has been developed to suit all situations where small spillages of chemicals or dangerous substances are hazardous to the health of employees.

A general purpose range of Unheated Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath/Facewash models designed specifically for export and suitable for use in industry in all applications not subject to the possibility of freezing or overheating.

Two stage Decontamination Showers designed for cases where PPE is worn.

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