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You can select some special contacts as your favorites, it enables you to share photos. Google talk It is the best and the instant messaging service which can be used for text messaging and also for voice communication.It provides video chat facility, offline messaging, text formatting. X Chat It is a fully featured internet relay chat client which is available for different OS like Linux, Windows, Mac, i OS.

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It provides the video call recording service to record video/audio calls. Team Talk It is one of the best program which enables conferencing system, it allows a group of people to communicate and share information.

Using this every member of group can communicate with other members using audio and video chat feature. Team Speak It is the powerful program which provides facilities for people to talk to each other over the internet.

This means that you can be chatting with friends on MSN, talking to a friend on Google Talk, and sitting in a Yahoo chat room all at the same time.

Yoono is free social network software and chat application that allow you to connect with your social network account.

Below you'll find our list of the best apps out there, to help you stay in contact with all your friends and colleagues.

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