Sedating dogs for travel gravol who dating al pacino

- How to I tell if the crate is too small (and does it matter, since it the max crate they'll take? West Jet does not require you to sedate your pet before flying with us.

The trouble with any medication is that there are potential side effects and you have to weigh the risk versus the benefit.

“Ace” has been given to tens of millions of dogs so it is not surprising that there are reports of adverse effects.

However, before using any kind of medication for dogs, one should always consult a veterinarian, regarding the appropriate dosage, and the safety issues or side effects associated with such medications.

The same thing is also applicable for sedatives, as overuse or prolonged use of sedatives can cause several side effects.

Feed your pet only a light meal prior to departure and provide a quick drink of water before check in.

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