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Rape Crisis Scotland provides a national rape crisis helpline and email support for anyone affected by sexual violence, no matter when or how it happened. You can find more information and contact details for the local centres at this link Stirling and District Women’s Aid aims to offer support, information and temporary accommodation for women and their children who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by a partner or former partner.

Telephone: 01786 469518 The Glasgow Archway is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre staffed by women doctors, nurses, support workers and counsellors.

Gay campaigners said the vote was a milestone for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in Scotland and welcomed the Scottish government's efforts to advance the approval from an expected time frame of 2015.

What may have started off as a trade in sex slaves almost certainly ended with Viking men and British women having children in stable family relationships.

As would be expected of a former Viking colony, a genetic analysis of the Y chromosome of present-day Icelandic men has found that the vast majority of their male ancestors came from Scandinavia.

Read more about the Police Scotland approach and support here Help for victims of sexual crime.

COPFIS have produced guidance for victims of sexual crimes, which you can access here. If you are deaf or hard of hearing on minicom number 01 Rape Crisis Scotland also runs a number of centres across the country.

The Netherlands was the first in 2001 and last year Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand and France - along with England and Wales - joined the list.

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