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"They'll say, 'I was a great partner and nothing I did satisfied her or was ever good enough,'" she says.

Using Coping Strategies Changing Your Relationships Improving Your Thoughts Increasing Your Emotional Self-Awareness Community Q&A If you tend to read between the lines of every word or interaction you have, check up on people, or assume people are out to hurt you or lie to you, it’s likely you are more suspicious or paranoid than others.

Welcome to Dying to Eat: The Treatment of Severe Eating Disorders.

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have a positive effect on my controlling family members so I should refer them to professional help. Also, when I read that the problem is with the control freak and not with me, I wonder if that is necessarily true, since I myself could be just as much of a control freak as the other person.

" but recently it has become unbearable and is causing me massive amounts of grief.

As a verb, bollix is akin to ball up ‘make a mess, bungle.’ The change in meaning from ‘testes’ to ‘confusion, nonsense’ is itself confusing and is a relatively development (late 19th century).

Bollix and bollixed up date from the early 1900s.catch-as-catch-can See UNRESTRAINT.confusion worse confounded See haywire To go out of control, to go awry, to run riot; to go crazy, to go berserk, to go out of one’s mind.

A suspicious mind is always ill-at-ease and spotting hidden meanings nobody else even considers are there.

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