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I don’t think I’m unique in my love for how sport can excite the senses: .

Through their SAICA (SA Institute of Chartered Accountants) accreditation, they are able to train young accountants who ordinarily wouldn’t be given a chance at corporate level for their lack of soft skills.

By training young accountants who lack soft skills and empowering them to compete, Motheo is bridging socio-economic gaps and transforming at an individual level.

It famously happened during the first innings of the 438-game, when Ricky Ponting was discarding Roger Telemachus to all corners of the Wanderers.

I couldn’t bear to watch how my beloved Proteas were – again – suffering at the hands of our fiercest rivals.

When I passed my honours, I was very excited and thought I had finally arrived, only to find that I still had to work hard to pass my first board exam.

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