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), signifie « brillant » en arabe ou « travail d'art » ou « beauté » en langue swahili.) est la fille du réalisateur et producteur Stan Lathan et de l'actrice et danseuse de Broadway Eleanor Mc Coy.

Elle est la seconde de cinq enfants (un frère aîné et trois jeunes sœurs).

A la suite de l'obtention de son diplôme d'anglais et encouragée par son père, elle s'inscrit à l'université de Yale et obtient une maîtrise de théâtre.

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Now of course you shouldn’t make fun of them because of these things, just let them serve as a reminder that these men and women are just like the rest of us — except maybe a little wealthier. Funnyman Damon Wayans was born with a clubbed foot, a fairly common birth defect affecting nearly one in 1,000 people.

As a child he underwent surgery to have the foot corrected, but before then he used to be teased by other kids because of the deformity.

It was at this point that Wayans began to understand the power of humor combat pain.

Twenty-seven year old Ke$ha was born with a vestigial tail.

The story reminisces back to Mike's (Omar Epps, portrayed as a youth by Sean Nelson) first encounters with Roland (Trent Cameron) and Slim (Duane Finley), his first real crush on a girl named Alicia (Malinda Williams), and the three young men's misadventures as teenagers growing up in 1980s Inglewood, California ("The Wood").

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