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Most of this info was from the company websites so it should be accurate. We've included pages on some of the most popular brands with info on serial number identification.

On the second floor of our store we have on display over 300 guitars and more than 50 amps that I’ve accumulated over the years.

The extra pickup was added to give a greater tone flexibility and a greater bass response. That overlaps too, but that's the difference between the catalog or price list dates which reflect inventory, and actual production dates. The best advice on these older basses is to use the light tension string you can stand.

Triangle inlays, bound body and neck, triangle inlays. In the late sixties the factory also made some basses with ebony fretboard. Without a doubt there are even a few 4001's with later serial number dates, which would been 'stragglers' through the production process or 'clear off the shelf' goods." "The string tension of a round wound string, especially a nearly pure iron string like those in the Roto Sound class, is almost 100 lbs. The 4001 neck was designed in 1956 for the only type of strings available then . The 4003 has a completely different truss rod design and can handle any type of string you prefer.

It has a solid body witha "R" on the top of the head. Any help is welcome, Thanks Art I'm looking for information on the early to mid 1970s Rick fretless basses.

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