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Since the ships are constantly going to the gym three or four can help prevent and dating or cure.Understand because that's gale and dating randy how i feel when.Gale and Randy are again besieged by adoring fans, but this time even more of their ‘Queer as Folk’ family are watching their backs . Y no importa si el resultado de ese momento no es más que una serie de televisión porque cuando actúas y consigues llegar *ahí* es el momento lo que importa.

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Their scenes weren't as sexy, the kisses weren't imo as sensuous as say their tongue kissing (devouring) of 219 or the ice cream kissing or the hotel episode.

In fact they noticeably seemed to lack the passion of the early seasons of hot lovemaking . Do you think it was Gale/Randy deciding to do this, or was it Cowlip's idea.

I've come to my own conclusions (having to do with Cowlip wanting the show to be taken more seriously, and perhaps Randy/Gale's personal relationship cooling). Having not been a QAF fan until the middle of when season 5 was airing, I never heard that.

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