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In another case, a miscreant barged into a house and robbed the chain.

Even the CCTV footage was of no much help initially.

The hunt for a Tamil Nadu-registered Maruti Swift doing the rounds of Kumaraswamy Layout has unraveled several plots; a Veer-Zara-like for the romantically inclined; a major-security-breach for the nationalist kind; and ‘why-did-Kasab-use-the-dangerous-sea-route’ for the die-hard cynic.

We are investigating to know whether the arrested were involved with any organisation and more people were involved.” He said questioning of the accused revealed that they could not stand Rudresh’s growth politically and economically, and thought that he was causing trouble to other communities and decided to finish him off.

Meanwhile, he said that it was Irfan Pasha who hacked Rudresh to death in a single stroke.

Police have now released security camera images of the suspect.

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