Quotes about dating younger men

Would she rather go out with some bald, pot bellied, drooling old slob or go out with "action me"?

He married her when he was 25 and she was already 40.

It is well documented that they had a very happy, loving and monogamous marriage.

They will pursue a hot woman if she is 18, 28, or 48.

They will pursue 48 if there are no 28s available, or they aren't able to land one.

After 7mths I was done with that, I didn't want him to think there was more to it then it was, I was bored, and I wasn't looking for anything serious, I just got out of a 12yr relationship. We've been together five years and still going strong. When we first met, I wasn't interested in dating anyone, let alone a guy in his twenties.

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