Adultfriendscam com - Quotes about dating the wrong people

What people often mean by getting rid of conflictis getting rid of diversity,and it is of the utmost importancethat these should not be considered the same.- M. Follett Watch what people are cynical about,and one can often discover what they lack.- George S.

Patton If a million people say a foolish thing,it is still a foolish thing.- Anatole France People should think things out freshand not just accept conventional termsand the conventional way of doing things.- R.

Others have been severely depressed and some barely functional (alcoholic, can't keep a job, no friends, etc.) I'm a fairly happy person, I have a family that loves me, a good job, great friends -- why can't I find someone like myself? It's not like I seek them out, because they all seem perfectly normal at first, but once we've been dating for awhile, sure enough, the craziness starts to seep out. - Crazy About the Crazies Dear Crazy, I once bought a used car from an auto mechanic a few towns over.

Before giving him the money, I had a shop nearby take a look at it to make sure it was worth buying.

Buckminster Fuller Many people allow their needfor other people's approval to control their lives.

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