Quentin tarantino dating diane kruger

"I think media is part of the career of an actor," she says."There is no career for an actor who is in some way not in the media, unless they are unsuccessful."And get ready to be seeing more of the Thurman back in the press.

It was not good." [Related: Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Are Close to Getting Engaged] While things with Jackson, 35, are serious, she was enamored with another celebrity when she was growing up: Don Johnson. She talked about becoming a fan of the "Miami Vice" star when she was just a girl because she had her first kiss at age 13 while listening to an unnamed song of Johnson's in the '80s. '" Kruger said her teary adoration for the actor made everyone a little uncomfortable.

; born Diane Heidkrüger; 15 July 1976) is a German-American actress and former fashion model.

The same year, she also starred in her then husband's directorial début Mon Idole.

Kruger plays German spy Bridget von Hammersmark in the film about a group of Jewish-American Nazi killers.

National Treasure(2004) Following the success of Troy, Diane Kruger has been offered to star in several movies, including National Treasure, opposite Nicholas Cage.

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