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Crust punk groups and artists are shown below along with any additional genres in which their music belongs.

If available, you can also see information about where all crust punk bands on this list got started.

There were a lot of people of different races involved in the scene, but it wasn’t just black kids—there were Asian kids, Latino kids, and maybe a sprinkling of Middle Eastern kids.

YAGE (emo hardcore), METRONOME CHARISMA (heavy screamo chaotiqie), OHARU (free noise), HAWAII SAMURAI (surf rock), BODDAH (power pop), HANKY PANKY (rock festif), HEADCASES (pop noisy), OFFSET JANUS (metal fusion), CALL GATE (electro pop), DJ ROCK ME MAMA (mix punk rock garage), BASEMENT (noise Hx C), 1 SUPPOT ET AU LIT (rock’n’core), MOYKAN (metal), L’ARRIERE CUISINE (chanson), VICTORY ALL (pop), LA MACHINE A PAINS (chanson), MACHINCHOSE (chanson), JEAN LOUIS DULON (chanson), JAZENKO (jazz manouche), ARCAHUETAS (rock), LES SKALLUMES DE LA PAIX (rock festif), LES OISILLONS TOMBES DU NID (chanson), JON SMITH (pop française), ALEATOIRE (slam), NON-NON (electro), 2 FIGURANTS (chanson), VINCENT LEQ & HIS FLYING COCKS (chanson), COCKTAIL BANANAS (rock), ELIOTT (pop rock), LAD (mix hip hop), BEN MALOCHET (chanson), PULL (pop rock), DJ THEO (drum’n’bass), ANARCO PSYCHOTIC (metal fusion), KETAH (metal fusion), SHODABOI (Hx C), SLEEPPERS (noise), MAGIC MUSHROOM (hardcore fusion), LES TENDRES CAILLES (chanson), LES VOISINS D’EN FACE (heavy festif), WOLFUNKIND (funky festif), LES GUEULES DE BOIS (theatro trash) 0800 (hip hop), WOMBOLOMBAKEHE (brass band), LORENE (post rock), KABUKI BUDDAH (punk cabaret), INTRAMUROS (metal ambiant), DJ WISE (teck house), SONS OF BUDDAH (punk rock melo), SEXYPOP (emo power pop), OUT OF DATE (Hxc), JOSH (noisy hxc), SUPERFLOU (chanson punk electro), AHUE & ADIA (chanson jazz), CALAME (bossa), TOM DOWLING (country), ARCHANGES (electro rock), LES ROIS DE LA PLAGE (chanson), TURJ (chanson), H & LA BOITE A BOEUFS (reggae), MC NOODLES (pop lofi), JAZENKO (jazz manouche), LAMBDA (pop noisy), MACHINCHOSE (chanson), LES SKALLUMES DE LA PAIX (rock festif), BASEMENT (post hardcore), SHODABOI (métal), 1 SUPPOT ET AU LIT (rock’n’core), ROMPI MUSIC (rock), ELIOTT (pop rock), LA MACHINE A PAINS (chanson), LES OISILLONS TOMBE DU NID (chanson), EXODE (rock), MALOD’J (rock progressif), JEAN LOUIS DULON (chanson rock), MOYKAN (metal), INDICA (metal), LUIS FRANCESCO ARENA (folk), SUPERMIKA (pop), GARE AU LOUP GAROU (chanson) INDICA (metal), BARHI BOLTON (rock fusion), TOTEM LEIKA (rock cuivre), BASEMENT (noise), ELIOTT (pop rock), LEKUK40 (chanson), LES LUTINS GEANTS (rock festif), CIE ANACROUSE (chanson), MINUSCULE HEY (rock), JEUNES EN JAZZ (jazz), PANPAN MASTER (rap), TOTS (rock), SHARITAH MANUSH (pop psyche), SCALPEL (rock alternatif), LA MACHINE A PAIN (chanson), MELTIN’KOLCKA (ska rock), H & LA BOITE A BOEUFS (reggae), HANKY PANKY (rock festif), DEVON MILES (noise), CONNIVING SILENCE (Hx C), DJ ROCK ME MAMA (mix surf garage), 2005 SOUS LES FLAMMES (rap), EXCUSEZ-NOUS DE VOUS DERANGER (chanson) DONKEY SKONK (ska core), GÂTECHIEN (post punk), BLUNT (punk melo), JACK (rock), LES POURRIS FONT DU PUNK (punk), I LOVE LOLA (rock), MICHEL PLATINISTE (mix), ONIRIC (rock), LES DES’ACCORDES (punk guiguette), ANTIMONIUM (rock), BANDITS BANDITS (rock), IMPROVISATORS DUB (dub), QUATUOR TAFTA (world), NO NAME (metal), NOMAD (rock), RUE D’LA TAREE (jazz funk), DA WEED NASTA (dub), SHODABOI (metal), DON’T OPERATE HEAVY MACHINARY (rock), LES GUEUX (chanson), ELIOTT (pop rock), MACHINCHOSE (chanson), LES ZEBRES (rock), 2 FRERES DE SANG (rap), JOUBY’S BAND (rocksteady), HANKY PANKY (rock festif) O2ZEn (rap), OLOGRAM (hip hop), ROOKIE (rap ragga), PASTORS OF MUPPETS (fanfare rock), FOOTHILL DRIVE (pop grunge), KID BOMBARDOS (rock), DJ MOULE (dj), SLITHER (metal), SWINHEARD (metal), NOMAD (rock), FORGETMENOT (prish), DAYSPUN (metal), OSSO BUCCO (punk rock), MOYKAN (metal), BARBIE TURICK (metal Hxc), EIOTT (pop rock), HANATHEM (metal Hxc), THE ANTIOODIES (teenage rock), WHITE TRASH OPUS (rock’n’core), LES POURRIS FONT DU PUNK (punk), 0800 (rap), JULIE ET LE VELO QUI PLEURE (chanson), LUIS FRANCESCO ARENA (folk), TAGADA JONES (punk rock), LES APACHES (punk), LES POURRIS FONT DU PUNK (punk), BLACK BOMB A (metal), DAY OF THE FISHERMAN (Hxc), DAYSPUN (metal), ANTIMONIUM (rock fusion), MYSSEL 1UM (electro rock), DAD ZANETT (hip hop reggae), LOKO (eletro rock), BLUNT (punk melo), A LA SOURCE (chanson), MIDFINGA (metal), ZERBINO (rock), GARDEN YETI (fusion rock), POP CORN (pop rock), FRISBEE (indie rock), BLACK SAVATES (metal), LES LYRICALISTES (slam) THE AUTOMATORS (electro rock), THE SUNMAKERS (surf garage), ROBOT ORCHESTRA (rock noise), ART MELODY (rap africain), WAGA 3000 (electro hip hop), MELTIN KOLCHA (ska reggae), THE DUST (rock), MANGUIDEM TAFTAF (deambulation), R.

KERAMSI & BASSONIC, DREEGO (cumbia), GOODBYE 20 HELLO 30 (poxer pop), CANIBAL MOSQUITOS (surf’n’roll), JUNE HILL (pop rock), 0800 (hip hop), BEAXO (beatbox), WOMBO ORCHESTRA (brass band), HEADCASES (nirvana) Vs FALCON FEVER (ratm), BABOUCHE Vs MARTIAL (dj), FEEL DROP (reggae), NARVALO (rock balkan), HEAVY WEIGHTIES SOUND (soudsystem), SOFIAN MUSTANG (world), DR GONZO (noise), UNOBSTRUSIVE (metal progressif), DAYSPUN (métal), DJAMM (jazz fusion), SEEDS (rock), BURNT (metal), JAZENKO (jazz manouche), THE JACK (rock), NEIGHBOURHOODS (rock), FYDDS (rock progressif), MAGIK MUSHROOM (rock reggae), ABSINTHE (rock funk), LE MONDE DAKOTE (chanson festive), LNP ROOTS FAMILY (raggacoustic), NAYA (pop), AFRO SOCIAL CLUB (afrobeat), OUTNUMBER (reggae dub), WHITE TRASH OPUS (noise), DINO (drum&bass), BEN RICO (mix), FRED (roots), ENZYME (rock), ARTLONGA (chanson), MAMAFRESS (reggae), ON AIR (rock), KILA (rap) GIANT PAPER (rock), THE KLONK (electro pop), BURY ALL DREAMS (metal Hxc), SLEEPPERS (ciné-concert), WANKERS (blues), SILVAE (didjeridoo psyche), WHITE TRASH OPUS (noise), VOG, 667 (Hxc), THE DOODLES, ELVIS DEPPUTE (ska punk), THE DUST (rock), SUZUKA CIRCUS (noise), FIST (rock alternatif), BLACK SAVATES (metal Hxc), THE DISTILLERS BLUES (Blues), FORGETMENOT (prish), 2 GUYS ONE NOISE (rock garage), MINIMUM FANFARE (fanfare funk), FORMAT A3 (chanson), CIE BETTY BLUES (chanson théâtralisé), TITANESS CREW (danse hiphop), MC NOODLES (indie rock), GUAKA (rock), FOSSILUS ORCHESTRA (rock balkan), DATCHA MANDALA (rock), STARSHEEP GROOVERS (funk rock), DINO (drum&bass), LAD & BEN RICO (mix), MC FLYn CHERRY AND SUNGLASSES (punk rock), KJA BAND (punk rock), RENDEZ-VOUS (rock) , 29TH STREET (rock), ROCKFACE (rock), METEORA (rock), WALRUS (rock), DIOXXINE (rock), 2 GUYS ONE NOISE (rock garage), FANDORYNE (rock crepusculaire), LA TERRE TREMBLE (ciné-concert), BLACK SAVATES (métal Hxc), BLACK CIRCLE (rock stoner), BURY ALL DREAMS (deathcore), SIMPLIXITY (métal), FANTOMS (rock alternatif), ALMIGHTY CHIc KS FROM THE ATLANTIC (easy core), SUZUKA CIRCUS (rock noise), BEARDED BASTERDS (punk rock), BIOBAZ’ART (ska punk), NOTA BENE (house), SAPRITCH (conférence en musique), SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS (bd-concert), RYTHM& GROOVE (école de Zik), EVAZIK (école de Zik), EK0 (rock alternatif), FANNY SWING BILLY (jazz swing), OUR NAME IS NOBODY (folk rock), LUDS (rock), THE ORIGINAL MAGIC (rock pop fusion), HAIRLESS (métal), JAFLY (rock reggae hip hop), MELTIN’KOLCHA (rock punk cuivree), 65 MINES STREET (punky reggae), SALUT LES ANGES (punk rock), PSYCHE FUNKY (déambulation), MASTERVOICE (rock noise), DJ LIBERTAD (dj latino), FEEL DROP (reggae), PISCINE (math rock), THE NEIGHBORHOOD (pop rock), PATRIC NINJAAA!

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Most folks probably remember ska from the brief time when trumpet-toting dudes in plaid suits and pork-pie hats briefly dominated MTV—the days of Reel Big Fish and Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ peak fame in the 1990s. Ska skanked into town in the late 1980s when the decline of second-wave British bands like The English Beat, The Specials, and Madness inspired a generation of young rude boys and girls to pick up trumpets and start their own scene. ska was a distinctly—but not exclusively—youth-oriented community. The Black Cat famously banned ska shows in 1996 after a brawl at a Checkered Cabs gig. For a lot of kids who spent their weekend nights throwing their elbows to third-wave ska, the small but sprightly scene was an alternative to prom, homecoming, and petty crime. ska band The Pietasters: I graduated from high school in 1988, and growing up in D. space, Hennessey’s, The 15 Minute Club, The Metro Café, the old Club, [precede] Phantasmagoria. The Cabs were part of it, but the early years of our band was a different scene.

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