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The 3.0 V6 engine, sourced from the Renault Laguna was upgraded to around 230 PS (169 k W; 227 bhp) and placed in the middle of the vehicle where the more ordinary Clios have rear seats - making this car a two-seater.

The Clio V6 Phase 1 was facelifted in 2003 to resemble the Clio Mk III, and was extensively reworked following criticisms of the original Clio V6's handling (especially in the wet).

It turns out she's a professional stunt driver, and she proceeds to drive her date around the track at top speed.

All the while, she acts like a distracted ditz, terrifying the men in the passenger seat. The ad recalls Jeff Gordon's infamous March 2013 spot for Pepsi.

Les candidats qui se retrouvent sans prétendante à leur table vont avoir la chance de rencontrer la belle et sportive Caroline, 32 ans.

Si ces derniers savent qu’ils vont être filmés, ils ignorent le réel objectif de ces rendez-vous et ne s’attendent donc pas du tout à vivre une telle expérience à bord de la Renault Clio RS.

The new Note is based on last year's Invitation concept (Nissan has some daft names – the old Note was based on the Tone concept and we're waiting for the Nissan Toe).

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