Problems updating nvidia drivers help

I'm gonna test it now to see if the issue was fixed (i.e. I have tried a few other games too with the newest driver and they didn't have problems, but D3 does have them, so it might be that there is something Blizzard needs to change. It is odd that, like Phroster, I hadn't seen any problems with other games - even other Blizzard games (Wo W) with the new drivers.

a Windows issue) or not (video driver issue).*EDIT* Well, that didn't take long. That sounds like a D3-specific issue to [email protected]: Same thing here with the stuttering (Win 10 Pro German with Creators Update, fresh install with newest drivers).

After reading on the forums, I found that driver 376.33 doesn't have this issue.

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In short, 340 is fine and modern and should fully support your [email protected] The nvidia-304 and nvidia-340 were OK but when I installed cuda-8.0 and run ./device Query, it told me that ' CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version'.

I looked up several instructions and their advice are to upgrade nvidia driver. I had nvidia 378 when I tried to install CUDA 8.0 and during the install process my drivers got downgraded to 375.

I would say that NVIDIA certained screwed something up on this update.

I only wish that Microsoft would have added Reprap support to the creators update - their 3D printer driver setup would be a nice change - but I don't want to have to buy a a commercial 3D printer to use it.

The system is equipped with an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 950M graphics card with driver 381.65. Both Pronterface (for my 3d printer) and Sketchup wouldn't load.

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