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In today’s world atomic clocks are used for many different commercial applications, such as telecommunications, science and technology and cost as much as 0,000.

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CLOCK IS OFF BY ONE OR MORE HOURS Minutes and seconds are the same in all time zones, only hours are different.

If the atomic radio controlled clock is off by one or more hours, it probably has to do with the time zone setting.

This is the first time I have had this problem although this is not the first year the date DST went into effect was changed. 1 u 20 64 377 26.575 0.891 0.377 Any clock that follows the standard will update to DST no matter if they change the date like the Bush administration did.

In the past I have been able to use a DST override feature to switch to the correct time but the feature no longer toggles the time to the correct DST time. WWVB puts a DST flag the night before that tells it to change DST tonight.

A true atomic clock is a highly accurate clock in which time is established by the vibrations of an atom.

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