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Prince Andrew, Duke of York was born in 1960 at Buckingham Palace, to Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.He joined the Royal Navy in 1979 and subsequently became a helicopter pilot, serving as such for 22 years.

The year 1977 found Prince Andrew at Lakefield College School in Ontario, Canada, and in 1979, he attended the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth—a path that led to joining the Royal Navy as an officer and training to become a pilot.

When Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a British territory, in 1982, the ship on which Prince Andrew was stationed, the , was to be sent to retake the island.

With the monarchy still basking in a warm glow of public approval generated principally by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and, now, their son, Prince George, the possibility of Andrew and Sarah tying the knot for a second time might risk endangering that goodwill.

For all his derring-do in the Falklands War and his years of blameless service to the Royal Navy, the Prince is saddled with his ‘Airmiles Andy’ nickname and his boorish outbursts as a trade envoy – one of the more memorable revelations of the Wikileaks scandal.

Ms Skepper, now close friends with both Andrew and Fergie, is a former Cadbury’s Flake model who is married to Italian Count Alessandro Guerrini-Maraldi.

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