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They look like it hurts their feelings when he doesn’t.I’ve tried several responses, including saying, “He has autism, and although he doesn’t speak, he can understand what people are saying.” The problem is no matter what I say it just seems like people are either unhappy or uncomfortable with whatever response I give.

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I need suggestions on what to tell people when he doesn’t respond to them.

For a majority of women, the time period you're talking about, a week after your menstrual period ends, is a window of the highest fertility: in other words, the time when most women would be at their highest pregnancy risk.

Our expert obstetrician, Dr Ashwini Nabar, however says that sperm can only actually fertilise an egg for about three days.

"Therefore, I count the fertile window as three days," she explains.

If you take a look at this piece, you can get a good idea of how the fertility and menstrual cycle works.

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