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No matter how nominal you think the check is, you can still get you charged with a crime.

If you file for bankruptcy and have hot checks outstanding it might make your bankruptcy case a bit more complicated.

If we cannot accept your case, then contact your local Justice of the Peace to file Issuance of a Bad Check charge or a civil suit. The law requires us to be able to prove that the person intended to deprive you of your property or avoid payment for your services.

Checks stamped: - INSUFFICIENT FUNDS - ACCOUNT CLOSED - STOP PAYMENT* Following County Attorney's Office hot check procedures aides us in the prosecution of the check writer and the recovery of restitution for you. The check must be given for property and not for a service. Penal Code Section 31.06 (Presumption for Theft by Check) requires that you give written notice to a person who has given you a worthless check.

Questions about Bad Checks and Bankruptcy — Texas Debt Relief A bad check, hot check, NSF check, returned check, rubber check, worthless check, or whatever you want to call it, is a check which the bank will not pay because there is either no such checking account or insufficient funds in the account to pay the check.

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