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If you have ever been cheated on, you know that it can be a very painful and difficult situation to deal with, however there is help available in the form of support groups, couples counseling, and therapy.

Whether you choose to stay with your significant other, or move on there is help available to you.

Burroughs living in Tangier, and how his mother, Naomi, would take him to Communist meetings when he was seven.

An unpublished 9-line poem written circa 1829 for Poe's cousin Elizabeth Rebecca Herring (the acrostic is her first name, spelled out by the first letter of each line). The spelling of the name was changed to fit the acrostic.

This poem is based on stories from the Qur'an, and tells of the afterlife in the place called Al Aaraaf.

Poe included it as the major poem in his 1829 collection Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems.

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