Piven dating

The guy is one taco shy of a combination plate, and anything he says is highly suspect. We have yet to find out what the book really writes about the beforementioned celebs.Might as well turn out that they were getting massages and accidently farted or were just bad tippers who didn't ask for a "Happy Ending".

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In spite of making multiple exaggerations of a sister to whom he has referred as both crazy and a whore, Ari has also stated that he has no sister.

Conflicts between the two became apparent when Terrance attempted to persuade Vincent Chase - Ari's star client - to work with him instead.

Ari Gold (born 1967) is Vincent Chase's movie agent. This is likely an empty boast designed to make Eric feel insecure about his tepid relationships with women.

He was an undergraduate at Harvard University before earning his J. Towards the end of Season 2, Ari gets into rivalry with Terrance Mc Quewick, his partner, the majority owner of the agency.

Personally I think it would be very cool but there was never any hard evidence.

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