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For more detailed information on using, installing, updating and converting php BB3 you should read the documentation available online.

If you have basic knowledge of using FTP and are sure your hosting service or server will run php BB3 you can use these steps to quickly get started.

[PHPBB3-9630] - Naming inconsistency of Merging Posts / Topics in MCP [PHPBB3-9675] - Add option to delete template/theme/imageset when deleting style.

[PHPBB3-9685] - Unable to create "Fulltext native" search index using the mssqlnative DBAL [PHPBB3-9751] - Password requirement "Must contain letters and numbers" is not working properly [PHPBB3-9764] - Empty value for CONFIG_TABLE config_name= 'mime_triggers' causes functions_fileupload.php-check_content() to be too restrictive [PHPBB3-9851] - "Search new posts" should require login [PHPBB3-9872] - Total topics isn't correct after I deleted a user [PHPBB3-9874] - view_log() performs unneeded count query over all log entries.

Bug [PHPBB3-7432] - Unclear language for Inactive Users on ACP main page [PHPBB3-8652] - Duplicate Emails Sent When Subscribed to Forum and Topic [PHPBB3-9079] - Display backtrace on all E_USER_ERROR errors, not only SQL errors (when DEBUG_EXTRA is enabled) [PHPBB3-9084] - Unable to display 'option equal to non entered value' if dropdown CPF is not required [PHPBB3-9089] - PM message title box not accessible via Tab key [PHPBB3-9220] - Blue border width when table in a div [PHPBB3-9681] - Password length not in security settings [PHPBB3-9813] - fulltext_on innodb loading deadly slow for big indexes [PHPBB3-9831] - Cannot change default of Boolean checkbox custom profile field [PHPBB3-10094] - Clear cache before php BB installation [PHPBB3-10129] - Missing apostrophes in ACP user management - permissions [PHPBB3-10349] - Unit tests do not remove comments from schemas [PHPBB3-10399] - Special characters aren't parsed in style component variables [PHPBB3-10401] - auth_ldap has an incorrect return value in login_ldap() [PHPBB3-10407] - Incorrect check for empty image file paths during conversion [PHPBB3-10428] - optionget/optionset functions in and acp_incorrectly check whether $data is at its default value [PHPBB3-10456] - Subsilver2 does not define $CAPTCHA_TAB_INDEX [PHPBB3-10508] - Marking forums as read displays misleading language [PHPBB3-10511] - Grammar defect in permissions language [PHPBB3-10512] - Test failure when no default timezone is set in php [PHPBB3-10532] - Out of range $start causes a page with no search results but with pagination [PHPBB3-10538] - Special character are not correctly parsed for SMTP protocol [PHPBB3-10542] - Incorrect class="postlink" in styles/subsilver2/template/faq_[PHPBB3-10546] - Argument missing for adm_back_link() in acp_[PHPBB3-10561] - All users can choose deactivated styles.

[PHPBB3-10569] - template/ucp_main_does not correctly handle active topic with the name "0" [PHPBB3-10580] - Default tz in registration dropdown not the same as the board default tz [PHPBB3-10589] - user_birthday does not use table alias in $leap_year_birthdays variable definition [PHPBB3-10605] - Orpahned privmsgs are left in the prvmsgs table, with no ties in privmsgs_to table [PHPBB3-10606] - $s_hidden_fields - incorrect array name (3 files affected) [PHPBB3-10611] - Add a check for selected tables existence for ACP database backup tool [PHPBB3-10615] - Static calls in utf normalizer yield E_STRICT spam on php 5.4 [PHPBB3-10630] - Prune Users produced unnecessarily long query; Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes [PHPBB3-10633] - Users are able to get the real filename of attachment [PHPBB3-10639] - negative value of ranks message [PHPBB3-10658] - Rank-item is not shown on team-list [PHPBB3-10675] - Use more descriptive message when disk is out of space [PHPBB3-10684] - Function user_notification() prevents notifications for users with stale bans [PHPBB3-10689] - Bug in the popup " Find a member" when select by letter.

[PHPBB3-10691] - Search index creation CLI script incorrectly calculates indexing speed [PHPBB3-10699] - Long h2 title breaks div.minitabs in MCP [PHPBB3-10708] - After a conversion, passwords with UTF8 characters do not work when user_pass_convert is set.

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